Senior Portraits is the flagship program of Pro Photo school division and is where the Photographers are most free to create as they feel. Most Senior sessions are completed in the summer months between the students Junior and Senior year to ensure ample time is available to spend on the intricate details needed, however a make-up date is provided for students that have previous commitments. When our photographers arrive at your school, they will bring everything needed to complete a professional portrait session including a formal sitting and a environmental outdoor portrait sitting at a location close to campus.

Formal attire is provided by the studio to ensure that there is a uniform appearance in the schools yearbook. For gentlemen, a tuxedo (jacket, shirt and tie) is supplied in various sizes. For ladies, a traditional formal strapless drape is furnished.

A casual outdoor setting will conclude our session, for these poses the senior is encouraged to wear and bring anything that best reflects their individual personality. The senior is encouraged to change clothes a couple of times for variety so don’t forget to bring all characteristics of your personality such as hats, hobbies, passions, sports uniforms and props and even vehicles.